Conference booklet from 2017 WGSTE

   2017 Conference Book

Narrated Presentations from 2016 WGSTE Presentations:

   1-Dougherty 1 - Western Gulf Challenges to Successful Stand Establishment

   2-Dougherty 2 - Silviculture for the Western Gulf

   3-Cunningham - Hardwood Planting Concerns

   4-Smith - Special Considerations for Reforestation Pest Control for the Western


   5-Sung - Root System Architecture in Container-Grown Longleaf Pine Seedlings

Adobe PDF files from 2016 WGSTE Presentations:

    1-Benefits of Containerized Seedling Stock - Phil Dougherty

    2-Root System Architecture - Susana Sung

    3-Pest Control in the Western Gulf - Allen Smith

    4-Hardwood Planting Concerns - Kyle Cunningham

    5-Early Stand Recommendations for Loblolly - Phil Dougherty

    6-A new App for Small Tracts - Zaina Gates

Narrated Presentations from 2014 WGSTE:

    1-On the Horizon: The South East Research Climate Hub - Steve McNulty


    2-Hardwood Establishment in the Western Gulf Using Artificial Regeneration - Mike Oliver

    3-Density Management: Decisions about planting density and thinning - Jeremy Stovall


    4-Effective Hardwood Management Strategies of Existing Stands - Norman Davis

    5-Short-rotation Woody Crops - Randall Rousseau

    6-Bringing it Together: How to think about the timing and application - Jason Vogel

    7-Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) for Forest Applications - Wes Palmer

Adobe PDF files for 2014 WGSTE Presentations:


    2-Oliver- Hardwood_Regen.pdf







Narrated Presentations from 2013 WGSTE:

    1-Prediction Made Difficult - John Nielson-Gammon

    2-Hurricanes in a Changing Climate - Barry Keim

    3-Climate Resources - Hal Needham

    4-Relationship between Water Stress and Loss of Plant Productivity - Mike Tyree

    5-Nutrient Cycling and Nutrient Deficiencies in Production of Forests - Jeremy Stovall

    6-Stand Establishment Strategies - Mike Blazier


Adobe PDF Files for 2013 WGSTE Presentations:


    2-Hurricanes_in_ a_Changing_Climate.pdf